Veda2.0 Released!

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Thank you for your help!
I understand about the timestamps, it is already annoying to have all SuppXLS files changed after every sync Big Grin
I find the performance of new VEDA quite nice actually Smile

It is not really doable for me to change all the organization right now, I have important deadlines, I will keep on VEDA 1.0 unfortunately then (btw I have weird problems with old VEDA where my PC freezes in the middle of a sync or a run and I have to reboot it manually).
Thank you anyway, I will have a quick look at another method to refresh the Excel files without opening them with Excel one by one but I'm quite doubtful about it.
All good then!  Big Grin
Nevermind, just found which seems to work (I'm waiting for the full sync).

And actually, as all files are copies of the first one, BDX01 is the only one in my git system so I don't mind having different timestamps here (even though I fully understand and acknowledge the relevance for VEDA not to do it).
Thanks for sharing this approach to refresh Excel files; would be useful for me too.
Quite slow (a few second per file) actually but at least working! My Model has been rightly synced (finally).

Here is a small script for my case (multi sectors and multi regions) :

For my VEDA1 problem (freezing PC), shall I open a new topic? We think it might be linked with a Windows 10 update as nothing else changed.
I would much rather accelerate your migration to Veda2.0. Your results should be better after you change that UPD to MIG in SysSettings.
Great, thanks!
Another question on nice VEDA2, is it possible to disable the ..._2209 name of runs? So it overwrites the same files everytime?
not immediately. but the results functionality in Veda2.0 is quite functional, unless you are using the update Excel feature of old Veda.
I have scripts depending on the results of VEDA that were only reading the VD file Smile
Anyway, I'll edit them!

But that would be nice to have this possibility!
In that case, you can simply run the following on cmd prompt in the wrk folder:

GDX2VEDA GAMSSAVE\ ..\GAMS_SrcTIMES.v.4.4.3\times2veda.vdd <>

this runs very fast

for example:
GDX2VEDA GAMSSAVE\1CurrTrends_peaktest~0001 ..\GAMS_SrcTIMES.v.4.4.2\times2veda.vdd 1CurrTrends_peaktest~0001_1408

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