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A question about Results analysis
Dear all,

I initially constructed the BAU scenario and also ran the model to obtain results, but there were some issues with the results. I searched all the learning materials available online, but they did not provide a good answer to my question. These issues have been bothering me for several months, so I would like to consult with a wide range of modelers and developers.

I want to study the scenario of achieving carbon neutrality in the power sector by 2060. Currently, this scenario has been preliminarily constructed and the results have been obtained by running the model. However, there are some issues with the results, as follows:

The question 1:

The results provided by the model, except for the data on photovoltaic power generation, which is only provided until 2060, all other power generation technologies are only provided until 2038. This means that the model believes that only retaining photovoltaic power generation after 2038 is the most cost-effective, but this is clearly unreasonable. How can we solve this problem? Is it because of the unreasonable setting of the model?

he question 2:

Why is there a sudden change in color in the resulting graph?

The question 3:
What are the units of these data results? What are the units of these data results? The unit of data shown in the picture is gwh, but the installed capacity of power generation technology should not decrease over time, but should increase over time, especially for clean and low-carbon power generation technology. Furthermore, if I want to obtain other research results, such as electricity supply and demand data and carbon emissions data, how can I set them up in the model to achieve different research results?

I really hope everyone can give suggestions and look forward to your comments!

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