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Too much installed capacity required
Hi, I am with a problem with the installed capacity required by a process, in the year 2030 the activity of the process is 3442PJ and the installed capacity in 2030 is 743GW. For the year 2035 the activity of the process is 3438PJ and the installed capacity required is 7437GW, the efficiency is the same.
I have one idea why such might happen, assuming that your model is a global model. The total global peak capacity requirements might indeed increase to something like 10,000 GW by 2035, and so, if the process is a very low-cost thermal generation technology, and your model invests huge amounts into variable renewable generation with a very low peak contribution in your peak equation, and the existing capacity is mostly phased out around 2030, the process might be the cheapest option in your model to provide sufficient reserve capacity into the global electricity systems.

But if any of those assumptions are not correct (e.g. the model is not a global model), I really don't see why you would have such a high capacity (7437 GW) for one technology in 2035.  Huh

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