Veda2.0 Released!

Use TIMES >= 3.4.5 with VEDA FE >= 4.4.1
START is now mapped to the TIMES attribute NCAP_START that was introduced in version 3.4.5.

You must use TIMES version 3.4.5 or higher with FE version 4.4.2 or higher.

Note that TIMES version is stored with case definition, so you will need to change it manually. An easy way would be to remove (or rename) all other source code folders apart from the current one. This way, the case manager would automatically choose the current source code for even old cases.

We are using VEDA FE version 4.4.4 and TIMES version 350 in one of our computers and we get dummy for two of our CA-TIMES model commodities. While on the other computers with 1- VEDA FE v 4.3.60 and TIMES v340, 2- VEDA and TIMES v331 we do not get those dummies. Would you please tell differences between these versions and what can cause this problem?

see FE version history for a description of the changes.

GDXDiff on input data is the most efficient way to determine the root cause of these differences. Newer versions of VFE can generate these files directly; for older versions, follow the directions given below.


There are times when two runs give different solutions when you expect them to be the same. Here are the steps that can lead you to the precise differences in input information that VEDA is passing on to the TIMES code:

  • Check Create DD Only on the solve form and submit the first run
  • Click on the label GAMS Work folder to open the folder where model input files are located and open the <case name>.RUN file in a text editor
  • Add the following two switches before the DD include statements
  • Save and close the run file and execute the file VTRUN.CMD in the same folder.
  • This will create a GDX file in the GAMSSave subfolder of the work folder with only the input data.
  • Repeat these steps with the other run.

Doing a GDX Diff on these two files will lead you to the precise differences in input.


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