Veda2.0 Released!

VEDA-FE Version History

4.4.06 [19 Feb 2014]


Ø  Thanks to insightful exchanges with Antti, we have found an elegant solution to the issue that was fixed in a very awkward way in version 4.4.03. VEDA now converts the format of Process/Commodity tables (in baseyear/SubRES templates) to TEXT, and of transformation tables to GENERAL.

Ø  TAGS QC, which was introduced in version 4.4.02, could result in slight performance deterioration. This has been made a user option under import settings. You can turn this off when you are sure to not have any misplaced tables in your templates.

Ø  Bug fix: XLSX files could be imported only when they were saved; their reimport could not be triggered via the checkboxes on Navigator.

Ø  Efficiency improvements:

o   Process/Commodity master views

o   Navigator loading

o   Deleting previous information during SYNC


Installers will be updated later today, but you can already download version 4.4.06.

4.4.03 [06 Feb 2014]


Ø  This release has one major change, that falls somewhere between a bug-fix and enhancement. We launch queries directly on Excel to read most tables into ACCESS. FI_T is the only notable exception. Access uses the first 8 rows of Excel, by default, to determine the field type. NULL is taken as a numeric field. This could be problematic, because if you have a Process definition table where the first 8+ processes don’t have a PrimaryCG declaration, but there are declarations lower down, then they will be ignored because ACCESS is now expecting only numerical entries in this column. We have fixed this by forcing all the non-data column headers, of all tables, to text format by converting the first row contents to text format during import (when the first character is not “=”). This is done in a temporary copy of the template, so your template will remain intact. Of course, this results in a minor performance deterioration. I suggest the following steps to use this update:

o   Make a Ref run

o   Update VEDA and do a full import

o   Redo the Ref and compare results 

Ø  Attribute Master has been enhanced to identify three different types of specifications:

o   Regular parameters

o   Process/Commodity attributes, like PCG, TimeSlice level etc.

o   Set declarations, like PRC_NOFF, PRC_PKAF etc.

4.4.02 [31 Jan 2014]

Ø  Bug fix related to START parameter (introduced in version 4.4.01)

START is now mapped to NCAP_START, which was introduced in TIMES version 3.4.5. So, you must use version >= 3.4.5 with VEDA FE version >= 4.4.1.

Ø  New SYNC log messages (over the last SYNC) are highlighted

o   Very useful if you carry a large number of messages

Ø  SPINES support added on case manager control panel

Ø  Creation of the GDX file in the “create DD only” case is controlled by a user option

4.4.01 [22 Jan 2014]


Ø  Major new feature: build models directly from an energy balance (end-uses only).

o   See “Automating creation of VEDA FE-TIMES models from an Energy Balance” at

Ø  Major new feature: attach up to 3 different VEDA-TIMES models and run them as a single model.

o   See “Attach models with VEDA-FE” at

Ø  The control panel has been revamped to fix small bugs and include the recent TIMES code enhancements.

Ø  The new GAMS licence type, ETSAP runtime license, is supported.

Ø  Choosing “create DD only” on case manager creates a small GDX file with the data snapshot of the model, as seen by the TIMES code (before inter/extrapolation). Doing a GDXDiff on these files is a very efficient way of tracking data changes.

Ø  DEMAND values that come from BY templates will survive even if the demand projection facility of VEDA FE is used. Non-baseyear values from BY templates were deleted in previous versions.

Ø  MACRO parameters have been added.

Ø  Unsupported tags (~TFM_INS in BY templates, for example) will be reported in SYNC log.

Ø  [In the next update] Attribute Master has been enhanced to identify three different types of specifications:

o   Regular parameters

o   Process/Commodity attributes, like PCG, TimeSlice level etc.

o   Set declarations, like PRC_NOFF, PRC_PKAF etc.

Ø  The following set declarations can be made by declaring set names as parameters. Any value >0 will trigger set membership:


§  COM_PEAK and COM_PKTS continue to be supported via the Commodity table

§  START and END continue to get mapped to PRC_NOFF

o   Furthermore, these declarations can be made in any data file but be written out only from the last scenario in which they appear (for each index combination, of course).

§  This implies that now you can use scenario files to declare a reduced START attribute.

4.3.63 [12 Jul 2013]

Ø  Each and every data file of VEDA FE can be an XLSX file now

o   Note that the SYNC status of XLSX files is tracked using file date/time. So, simply copying across folders or computers can have files turning red on the navigator.

Ø  User Forum option provided in Help Menu.

Ø  The browse function has a new feature akin to the ExRES feature of VEDA BE.

o   Triggered via the “ExRES” option on process/commodity right-click in browse.

Ø  Tools – Model Stats reports counts of process/commodity/UC by scenario, region and sector. Count of data values is also reported.

Ø  Dummy variables can be created for all user constraints; new option in the import settings section of user options.

Ø  Comma-separated entries are allowed in Comm-IN/Comm-OUT columns of FI_T tables

Ø  Errors encountered while reading UC_T tables are now reported in SYNC log.

Ø  Bug fixes and Speed optimization of Browser.

4.3.45 [07 Mar 2012]

Ø  Bug fix related to RUN name in DD files.


4.3.44 [26 Aug 2011]

Ø  No change in the version number, but the database template has been modified to make Commodity the derived (i.e. second) group and CommGrp the "source" group (first group) in FLO_FUNC. This will not affect you if you have not used the attribute FLO_FUNC explicitly in your model, but *** VERY IMPORTANT IF YOU HAVE USED FLO_FUNC IN YOUR MODEL(S) ***


4.3.44 [19 Aug 2011]

Ø  Bug fix related setting the switch DAMAGE=NO.


4.3.43 [18 Aug 2011]

Ø  Bug fix related to XLSX files.


4.3.41 [19 Apr 2011]

Ø  Search facility for UCs on RES view.

Ø  All dimension lists in browse view show item counts.


4.3.40 [09 Apr 2011]

Ø  In case of UPDate tables, the scenario that provides seed values is tracked. This information is used in the following ways:

o   Mouseover on the Navigator shows the "from and to" dependency of each file.

o   If a file is selected for SYNC that has provided seed values updated in other files, then an exclamation mark appears above the SYNC button.

§  Mouseover on this image shows the list of dependent files.

§  Clicking marks all dependents for import.

§  This is tracked only at the file level. So, you can choose to ignore this information if you are sure that the changes made in the source file haven't changed the seed values seen by the dependent file.

Ø  UC_N master added under the advanced functions menu.


4.3.38 [20 Jan 2011]

Ø  The commodity index has been moved to its regular position from Other_Indexes in two attributes: IRE_TSCVT and IRE_CCVT.

Ø  The auto-adjustment of list widths on the browse form is now sensitive to the contents. Also, they don’t fully hide the contiguous lists even when fully stretched.

Ø  On the import error log form (after SYNC), numbers that change over the last SYNC are colored red.

Ø  Additional details like TimeSlice level on the process/commodity master forms.

Ø  Break button on batch run task panel

Ø  OBLONG switch for OBJ supported (check box on the Solve form - control panel)

Ø  Wild cards can now be used in search forms.

Ø  Right click menu (Filter by and Filter excluded) and “Export to excel” on Import error log form.

Ø  A checkbox "Solve" below the SYNC button. This automatically submits the active case after SYNC. The solve form does not have to be open for this to work.

Ø  UC processing has been made more efficient.

Ø  Some small bug fixes for RES + Browse.



Ø  ACTFLO, FLO_BND apply to output commodities if both exist on the row where these are declared

Ø  RES enhancements

o   Longer process names

o   New shortcuts to jump to RES from browse and process/commodity master: Ctrl+click

o   PCG membership indicated by a trailing "*" on commodity names

Ø  Commodity declaration table is supported in SysSettings. The main purpose is to be able to declare a commodity that is available in BASE as well as all SubRES files without having to edit the B-Y templates.

o   Only one table is expected; only the first one will be read in case multiple exist

o   These declarations are overwritten by those in B-Y templates on a region-commodity basis

Ø  Check box "Solve" under the SYNC button on Navigator: will send the last run after SYNC, if checked.



Ø  Browser enhancements:

o   Tooltips for elements on the lists and on elements in the cube (including Attributes and UC)

o   Display Type option on elements in the cube (code/description/code+description..)

Ø  New items added under the Info category in SYNC log:

o   UPD row did not generate any records

o   INS row did not generate any records

It is quite possible that this has always been the case in your models but you never knew. For example, it is likely that you have generic interpolation rules in SysSettings (copied from some other model) for parameters that don’t exist in your model. You should just make sure that the process/commodity filters of these rows don’t contain any logical or typing errors.

Ø  All settings and case definitions now survive when the folder is moved to a different path (or computer)

Ø  The currency dimension, and its conversion via new TIMES attributes, is fully supported

Ø  The progress of batch runs is reported on an informative control panel

Ø  The type of scenarios is identified by a single character before the scenario name on the solve form:

o   B          BASE

o   N          SubRES

o   D          Demand

o   T          Trade

o   S          Regular Scenario

o   Y          SysSettings

Ø  Descriptions of endogenous trade links have been improved

Ø  AllRegions Column support in UC_T tables

Ø  ~TFM_AVA-C table can be used to control the regional allocation of commodities in SubRES transformation files (CSET* fields and Regions as column headers)

Ø  FLOP deleted for all PG members

Ø  Bug fixes:

o   Demand scenarios were not deleted cleanly in some cases

o   Excel export from the browse did not distinguish Zeros from empty cells



Ø  VEDA-FE automatically defines the necessary SET UC_N entries for any UC_RHSxxx parameters inserted or updated in scenario files

Ø  Fixes the RES form resizing bug reported by some users in version 4.3.32



Ø  Commodity Groups can be declared in the Other_Indexes column of FI_T or transformation tables. For PRC_ACTFLO, ACT_EFF and FLO_BND, they can also be declared in the Comm* col (FI_T) or CSET_CN col (transformation tables). This faciltiy has been around for quite some time but some very specific cases were not handled correctly that have now been addressed.

Ø  It is now possible to choose a text editor on the General tab of user options.



Ø  A lot faster and more robust with a lot of data processing logic and query optimization

Ø  RES view has been redone:

o   Now it shows UCs that are linked with processes/commodities

o   Dbl-Clicking the UC shows all the intersecting processes/commodities

o   The main browse form has been integrated in this view.

o   All browse functionality is available here via the "T" and "V" icons on the RES menu bar.

Ø  The process/commodity master forms have been improved

o   Element counts appear below the lists

o   "Back" button added on the form (bottom left)

o   The region combo holds its value across clicks and sessions

Ø  In the models that are distributed by KanORS/KanLo, comments written in the Excel file are visible on the browse form.

Ø  It is now possible to associate a VEDA-BE database with the model. This makes it possible to use the VEDA-BE sets in:

o   Browse

o   Process/commodity filter specifications in transformation tables

o   Note that VEDA-BE sets are processed more efficiently in transformation tables when they are used as the only filter specification.

Ø  The help menu now opens the VEDA support site. Further, the support site is also installed locally and activated when you access help without Internet connection.

Ø  The Model Variants facility on the Solve form has been renamed to Control Panel (thanks Antti) and many new options have been added.

Ø  New in data declarations

o   EOH and BOH are recognized as years in all VEDA-FE tables

o   Commodity declaration is not inherited across rows in ~FI_T tables anymore

o   *UC_RHS* attributes can now be updated/inserted via transformation tables using the Other_Indexes column for UC_N

Ø  New post-SYNC log files:

o   Processes that are redefined across BASE and SubRES or across different SubRES files are reported. The first case is definitely an error. The second one could be OK if you are sure that this is not polluting any of the downstream scenario files and you use only of these SubRES's in each run.

o   Commodities that have inconsistent definitions (Sets, Units, LimType, Peak etc.) across BASE and SubRES or across different SubRES files are reported. All the commodities defined in BASE are inherited in each SubRES, so they should normally not be re-declared at all.



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