Veda2.0 Released!

VEDA-BE Version History

4.9.2 [07 Feb 2014]

Ø  Corrected a bug with Set Refresh that was introduced in version 4.9.1. You might have seen tables with missing rows with this version.

4.9.1 [22 Jan 2014]

Ø  Date column added on Scenario tab

Ø  Global filters can be saved

Ø  Global filter on attribute applies in ExRES (view all)


4.8.85 [12 Jul 2013]

Ø  A filter box has been added just below the saved tables selection combo

Hi Amit,
How does it work when there's a new version of VEDA_BE:
do we have to suscribe to somewhere so as to know that there's a new version (if we are not reading the forum regularly)?
how do we install the update, do you send an email with a link to the update?
Hi Sara,

For VFE on the top line of the form the version # is posted next to the current model name. On the next line after the Help and before the pathed name of any attached VBE database there is a Smile if your version is current or *** update *** indicating there is a newer version available. At this time VBE does not provide such information.

To update/check on updating just go to your VEDA folder, invoke the VTI_www_4 installation routine, which will connect to the Internet and download any new modules needed and present you with the VEDA Installation form. Just hit the Update VFE/VBE button to update both.

Make sure VFE/VBE are closed before starting the installation process.

Thank you, Gary Smile

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