Veda2.0 Released!

VEDA Update (pre-release)

We are about to release updated versions of VEDA FE and VEDA BE. A local version of the installer can be downloaded from the link below. (redirected to the regular installation page as the updates have been released as the production version)

  • Uninstall VEDA-FE from the control panel (Excel should be closed)
  • Uninstall VEDA-BE from the control panel
  • Delete folder ..\VEDA\Downloads
  • Unzip the above file in ..\VEDA (with right-click Extract Here)
  • Run the local installer (VTI_Local_4.EXE)
  • Install VEDA-FE
  • Install VEDA-BE
  • Update

For detailed instructions, see installing from scratch on VEDASupport. Note that special instructions for Win 7/Vista still need to be followed.

I apologize for this need to reinstall the applications from scratch, but the major development in FE RES functionality requires this step. BE has to be reinstalled as some components are common between the two applications. This will also get rid of the DCube licnese message for good, that some of you might have observed recently.
All this will only impact the TIMES_DEMO folders under FE and BE; all other user files, as well as valid licenses, will remain intact.

Do let us know as soon as you are able to test it.


Hi Amit

 With the new version, I am working on Swiss TIMES model and things are moving forward.  Now VEDA is very impressive!

 Was my installation OK?  Should I perform a reinstallation?




You are all set for the current version with your installation, but subsequent updates will likely create conflicts as some of the DLL/OCX components have been refreshed last night.


You can wait a few days if there is something critical going on right now, but you M U S T install from scratch before using the next update of FE/BE.

Hi, I have re-imported TIMES-Canada from scratch, run and browse results and everything is going well for me.
i enjoy the improved RES feature.
Hi Amit,
I'm all set up with the new version now. I've run the DEMO and the PIEM models and am able access the RES just fine. Just checking if it is OK to go ahead and distribute this version to the PIEM planning team? Or, is there anything specific that you want me to test before installing it on other machines (esp Vista)?
PS: How many posts do we need to make to move out of the 'Newbie' status?

Just wait another couple days. We are making a few cosmetic changes... will let you know.

PS: 40, but I can override if some of these are answers to other posts Smile
Hi Amit,
You may want to mention that Excel needs to be closed to Uninstall so that VedaSaveCode can be removed.
And as we discussed, the user should be reminded to perform VistaCompatibility (VC via Accessories\Run as Admin) and any other final actions necessary to fully ready VEDA.

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