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Process creates output but has no capacity nor activity
Dear forum,

I have came across a strange problem that I have never seen before. It probably has an easy solution to it but I cannot see it at the moment.

The thing is that I created a UC for an activity of hydrogen production and import processes. The UC did not work and I found out that it registers only activity of these import processes. I was wondering why the activity of that production process (SELCH2GL201) is not taken into account when it produces hundreds of petajouls of hydrogen. And then I found out that the process literally has no activity... In fact, the process specifications in results seem to be completely broken. Please take a look at them in the attachment.

Please could you tell me, what is wrong with the process?

Thank you,
Lukas Novak

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I forgot to mark the process in the first picture. It is the second one from the bottom in the Excel file.
Thanks for attaching the process topology view.

PCG of the process is defined as SYNH2G, while the output is SYNH2Gp. I guess the PCG is defined in the FI_Process table? You would also see warnings in the QA_Check.log file related to this.

Another thing that can create a lot of confusion is that this process comes from two different SubRES files.
Thank you very much Amit. It surely must be caused by the PCG, although I am not currently able to confirm it. I saw that the problem emerged as I created the SYNH2Gp. I missed that the PCG is defined as SYNH2G.

If it was not the problem, I will let you know.

Have a great day!

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