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One question of EU-TIMES: CO2 emissions for gas/oil production/transmission process

I found the SUPCO2N is much less than the co2 from other sectors (ELCCO2N, TRACO2N) in EU-TIMES (WITH DE as an example, the SUPCO2N only accounts for 1/5 of ELCCO2N). So I look into it and found that the emissions for coal/gas/oil production/refinery/transmission may have not been described in EU-TIMES, is that normal? or may you introduce a bit about where could I find it?

Germany is an European economy with an advanced energy system and rather small role of upstream fossil fuel emissions. See the IEA data chart below, showing the distribution of CO2 emission by sector in Germany (2021):


You can see other energy industries (≈SUPCO2N) as the rightmost small grey portion, much smaller than the emissions from power and heat producers. Based on that, I think you may be just overlooking the differences between countries.
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