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Process type for trade links
What is the recommended way of defining the process type of endogenous IRE processes in VEDA2?

For example, consider intra-regional transmission lines between network nodes. For these, it would be convenient to define the processes as 'DISTR' in order to have the activity defined by the imports on both sides. But where and how should I define this process type 'DISTR' for my trade processes (introduced in Trade_links)? Should I add the trade links also to a ~FI_Process table and set the process type there, or is there another way? 

A related question: I see that VEDA seems to define the timeslice level for all processes even if it is not specified in FI_Process. And so, if I include trade links in a ~FI_Process table and leave the timeslice level blank, they will get two (inconsistent) timeslice levels: ANNUAL and DAYNITE. Shouldn't such not happen?
Thanks for opening this thread. I think you and I have discussed the need for a Process table in _Trade_Links file, but it did not go anywhere.

In the beginning, ~TradeLinks table (matrix format) was the only option to declare trade links. If you use ~TradeLinks: DISTR as the header, then DISTR is assigned as the subtype of processes created from that table. IRE processes inherit the timeslice level of the commodity by default, which can be controlled via the PRC_TSL attribute in a ~TFM_INS-txt table in SysSettings. Since the process names and descriptions were created by Veda for the ~TradeLinks tag, I did not consider a ~Process table for these.

~TradeLinks_DINS was introduced when I started modeling complex trade links, which would have been unwieldly to create in a matrix format. This tag supports columns Reg1, Reg2, Comm, Comm1, Comm2, Tech, TradeLink, where Comm is actually not required.

I think an elegant solution would be to introduce columns Sets, Tact, Tcap, TechDesc, Tslvl, Vintage, PrimaryCG in table ~TradeLinks_DINS.

What do you think?
Thanks for the clarifying answers.  Some comments below:

Of course, intra-regional links would need to have C1-C2, and so I tried now with:
  ~TradeLinks_c1c2: DISTR

I could not see it working.  The processes were not defined DISTR in the DD file.

  ● Which all XXX are supported with ~TradeLinks: XXX ?
  ● Can that not be supported for ~TradeLinks_c1c2 ?
  ● Re your suggestion, it could easily lead to redundancies/inconsistencies (a single process can have any number of links in each region), and so what would happen in those cases?
To add to my post above: In other words, is using a ~FI_process table currently the only way to define a process type for endogenous IRE C1-C2 processes?  If that is so, why do I have to define the timeslice level there as well (to avoid triggering an inconsistency)? You said above that IRE processes should inherit the timeslice level of the commodity by default, no?
I will soon send you a beta version that will enable "DISTR" in all ~tradeLinks tags.

At this point DISTR is the only label that is supported there. Do you see other things that can go there?

This version will see "DISTR" on all ~TradLinks tags.

This version will see "DISTR" on all ~TradLinks tags.

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