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When I updated the Veda BE, tables are generated in new mdb file.  This is very convenient as tables can be easily send by email.  I am having a couple of question on table update.  I noticed that some attributes are highlighted with red dots (under the table def. box).  Also I don't see some attributes/process, e.g. there were three dummy processes before, but now I can see only the process IMPNRGZ, i.e. dummy demand process seemed to be missing.  Other missing attributes include **User_ConLOM**, ~UPM**, Could you please comment on these?

If the table definition included elements that did not appear in the current results set, then the old version of VEDA simply did not display those elements. The new one identifies them as you have pointed out. You should simply remove them from the table definition.
The GAMS instruction to generate VD files from the solution sets an option to eliminate processes that don't appear in the solution at all. IMPDEMZ could be missing for this reason.

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