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Table processes that are not in MARKAL db
Hello forum,
Perhaps you can help with what I'm sure is another basic question...?
I have imported tables and sets from an old VEDA db that was being used to handle ANSWER/MARKAL results.
Since it was last used, some variable names have changed in the MARKAL db.  So when I import the the VD files fro mnew runs, it doesn't quiet match up with the old VEDA table defs.
I've resolved most of the problems in this regard, but have one remaining that is quiet puzzling:
For example, in my ANSWER I can see I have a "technology" that is called IMPBIOD (imports of bio-diesel).  However, after import of results into VEDA, there is no IMPBIOD (it appears as a "missing" process in red).  However, there is another process called IMPBIODD process that appears as a yellow dot (i.e. it seems VEDA thinks that one is OK, even though it isn't in the MARKAL db).
When I try to process the table with these variables I get errors about missing processes.
Can anyone tell me what is going on here?

On the right side of the main form, VEDA lists the unique elements of each dimension, which are found across all scenarios that are currently imported in the database. IMPBIOD* are the elements of Process dimension.

When a table definition includes elements that do not appear in the list of that dimension on the right side, then it is flagged as missing. If you try to view a table with missing elements then VEDA will simply confirm if you want to continue. But continuing should not result in any error. You can remove the missing elements and save the table definition to avoid this message in future.
If a table definition shows an element with a yellow dot then it must exist in the database. Maybe, from a previous scenario that is based on another version of the model. You can check the list on the right side to confirm.
Ok - that's clear thank you.
However I still have a problem... I think perhaps the problem lies in the generation of the VD files.
Here is what I hope is a clearer example:
In my ANSWER/MARKAL database I have a technology that is called MINCRP1 - a domestic biomass resource.  I run the model, and in ANSWER results I can see that MINCRP1 has been used in the energy system as there are costs and levels of activity reported.
However, the VD file generated has no mention of the MINCRP1 resource in it.  Of course, this means VEDA has nothing to what I'm seeing in VEDA makes sense.
But where has my MINCRP1 gone during generation of the VD file...?  Do I need to configure this somewhere?  Perhaps in ANSWER?
Hi again,
Just to add to the above...
I just noticed another variable MINBIOS1, which does appear in my VD file, has exactly the same values as the results for my MINCRP1 variable.  So somehow MINCRP1 is being mapped onto MINBIOS1.  I can't find anywhere in ANSWER or VEDA where this could be happening.  Any suggestions?
This also applies to my first post - IMPBIOD results in ANSWER are being mapped to the IMPBIODD variable in the VD file.
Thanks again,
You need to discuss this with someone who has been using this model in ANSWER.

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