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table definitions
Apologies as this is probably quite a basic question - I've just started using VEDA.
My organisation was using VEDA-BE to view/organise ANSWER output, and had a set of table definitions to organise output appropriately. 
I would like to know where to look for these table definitions.  I have the VEDA databases (VEDA_Y), but I don't know how to get the table definitions out of them.  If I create a new database in VEDA and then copying the VEDA_Y database into the appropriate directory, and then open that database, I can't see any tables defined.
Any suggestions as to where I should look or what I should do to find the table definitions would be much appreciated.
Apologies again for what I'm sure is a schoolboy error.
Hello Adam,
thanks for posting your query on the forum. Please don't hesitate to ask even entry-level questions as the idea behind this forum is to create a knowledge base for all levels of users.
Sets and table definitions are now stored in VEDA_SnT.MDB (Sets and Tables). If you are using the same model (markal/times as well as deterministic/stochastic), then simply copying this file to the new folder will do the job. If you are not, then you can import the sets and tables from the old folder into the new one. You will find Import option under Sets and Tables menu. Take the Access route (among Text/Access/Excel). You will need to select the VEDA_SnT.MDB file from the old folder, while the new one is active.
The import functionality is designed to work on the common dimensions when structures are different.
Let me know how it goes...
Thank you Amit.  I managed to find an old DB from which I could import tables and sets.  There are some structural differences between the old DB and the new (MARKAL) DB we're using.  I assume the only way to deal with these is manually.
Thanks for your help!
Not sure what you mean by structual differences. The only thing that comes to mind is layout of tables. This will need manual adjustment as they may have gotten messed up due to a missing dimension. Are you switching between Markal/Times or deterministic/stochastic?
Yes - layout of tables is the issue - the old DB had addiitonal time periods and some different energy carriers, technologies, etc.  We will now update everything.
Thanks very much for you swift and useful replies on all this.

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