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Modeling New Vehicle Technologies
Hi All,

I am new to TIMES modeling so my questions may seem pretty basic. Please be gentle.  Anyway, I was hoping I could get assistance with the following questions:

- How do I introduce a series of new vehicle technologies (process technologies) for a particular scenario? 
- Would this require adding the new technologies, and their corresponding characteristics (i.e., costs, lifetime, efficiency), to the original BASE file that captures all of the original vehicle technologies?

Any assistance would be appreciated!
Hi eorear86,

A more conventional approach would be to "indroduce a series of new vehicle technologies (process technologies)" to a new subres file and include that subres file in the definition of your scenario case.

You can find an example of a subres file here:
You will find more info about subres in documentation page 8 here:

Dear eorear86,

I think this is done differently in various models and can be done according to personal preferences. For the Norwegian TIMES model we introduce all new technologies, that is a part of the base model run, in BASE. Also new vehicle technologies. We prefer to do this to gather all technology data together.


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