Veda2.0 Released!

TRADE_Param table form
dear all, 

I am migrating my model to veda 2.0. Everything seems to be working well except for Tradeparams tables. 
As far as I know, trade params matrices are no longer accepted in Veda 2.0. 

Could you please tell if there is a utility that allows the migration of those tables into a compatible form with the new version of veda ? 

Thanks in advance, 

Based on a tip from Evangelos I changes the trade matrix to a dins table, and it works for us.

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one way for trade parameters could be to export the data from browse of old Veda, and construct INS tables for Veda2.0
Thanks Pernille and Amit. I exported the data from old veda browse and used INS table as suggested by Amit, it works well.

Great! thanks for the update.

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