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Unexpected termination of run

I'm having an "unexpected termination of run" problem that I'm having trouble diagnosing. My colleague had no issue with the same model file.

I've attached my lst file.

Any suggestions?


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The termination is caused by errors in your input data.

The listing file shows that you have in the BASE scenario these erroneous input parameter instances (probably NCAP_AFC):

IE.2005.EUHYDPSOUT.-.DayNite 1
IE.2005.EUHYDPSOUT.-.Weekly 0.138350256805877

Assuming this is NCAP_AFC, you can see that there is one dimension unspecified (the commodity group), and so you get a GAMS syntax error.  Hence, I suggest to check your B-Y templates where you define these parameters, and make sure you have the commodity group specified if they are NCAP_AFCs (check in  Basic Functions → Browse → Times View). Why your colleague would not get any error but you do, is quite unexplained to me.
Thanks for the reply Antti.

The mystery deepens unfortunately. Our version of Irish TIMES has no access to the base year template, so I can't edit these and as far as I'm aware no-one has changed these.
Ahh..., do you mean that you have a "DBO" version of some model?  I recall such being in use many years ago.  If that is indeed so,  I guess it might be a VEDA version issue, because the handling of NCAP_AFC has been changed in VEDA-FE, and so an old database might not be compatible with a newer VEDA-FE. Best to ask the Kanors staff about it...

[Edit:] Or possibly you could in that case just use an older version of the database template (the same as your colleague).
Hi Fionn,

Yes, User doesn't have any access to the BASE year template and the DBO version is partially database-driven model.

We can help you better if have some more information. So, Can you tell us about the VEDA-FE version and the version of the Irish model?

And Did you check your colleague is using the same version of VEDA-FE?
Thanks all for your responses. Problem solved when I updated to latest version of VEDA.

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