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Result Database Not Generated
Dear All,

I have already synchronize my data and tried to "SOLVE" but unfortunately the VEDA showed notification as shown in attachment. Anyone know how to handle this?

Thank you

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post the LST file from this run
(02-08-2019, 12:51 PM)AKanudia Wrote: post the LST file from this run

here is the link for LST file
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Hi all,
I'm having a similar issue. I have been creating some new SubRES files (to better represent the cement sector, and include a retrofit CCS option). I created these in a test version of TIAM, and then migrated them to my main version of TIAM.

In the test version of TIAM both these modules work fine - but in the final version (with these files migrated over), I get the same error as Nadhilah - with LST file attached.

The issue is clearly with these new files, so I am going back through them to find any errors / dependencies which I forgot to migrate over. But wondering if anyone else can share any insights?

All the best

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.txt   Baseline_Bio100_MedED_FullTech_SolarMed70_CCSMed - LSTFile1.txt (Size: 52.33 KB / Downloads: 9)
Hi Neil,

As per the shared lst file, there are mainly two issues:
#1 IND_NGABOM is missing
Are you sure your main version has this commodity/commodity-group?

#2 AFR.2020.EZCOAGEN00_R.-.ANNUAL 0.28
Check why this process doesn't have any commodity/commodity-group.
Hello, I am having this same problem

I am trying to run a scenario but the run is suddenly terminated and this message appears:

"Result database not created because C:\VEDA\VEDA_FE\GAMS_WRKTIMES\RUNNAME.VD does not exist"

How did you manage to solve it?
Hi Diana,

Please share the .LST file with error logs(zip format) in this post.
Dear Ravinder,

I had the problem when I copied/pasted some information from another workbook into a SubRES file. I decided to use a previous version of my model and write the information manually, (and I also changed the structure of the table from vertical to horizontal, but I think this is less likely to be the problem). Is working now, is running.

Dear Diana,

Thanks for letting me know

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