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pumped hydro modeling
Hi all,

I have a question on the way I am modeling pumped hydro. 
My pumped hydro has the following specs: 
  • Storage efficiency: 80%. I am reflecting this as STG_EFF and FLO_FUNC(ELC, AuxStoOUT, ANNUAL) =1/0.8=1.25

  • 6hours of capacity for day night operation. This translates to: AFAC(ELC)= 6/24=0.25, NCAP_AFC(ACT, DAYNITE)=6/24/0.8=0.31

  • 9hours to full charge. This translates to AFC(NRG, DAYNITE)=6/9=0.67

Attached is an items detail view of my process. 

The issue that the model never relies on existing pumped hydro even when it decides to invest in new storage devices.
Am I missing something in my modeling?

Thank you,

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Well, I could not see anything too suspicious, apart from a missing PRC_CAPACT, shouldn't that be 31.536?  However, I cannot see what the purpose of the AuxStoIn and AuxStoOut flows is, and how are these commodities defined in FI_Comm.  Are they free dummy flows?

You could try putting a FLO_BND(r,y,p,AuxStoIn,ANNUAL,LO)=1 and see what happens...
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Thank you for your reply Antti. Indeed, It turned out to be related to me not specifying CAPACT for the process. Specifying CAPACT solves the issue...
I am using AuxStoIn and AuxStoOut for some downstream reporting...

Many thanks for your time and investigation and sorry for the silly post on my end.

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