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Installing VEDA in a server without internet acess
Hello to the community,

 I have been trying to install VEDA in a server without acces to internet. I am strugling to launch the optimizer.  I can't go forward, this error message pops up.
I attached the image  but the content of the message is " Input string was not in the correct format"

Do you have any idea what it is blocking or what else I can explore to find a solution?

I thank you in advance.


Sergio Leo

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Could you kindly provide us with the log file?

You can locate the log under the help menu.

Alternatively, If you are using the localhost version of VEDA2.0, you will find the log files at this location (VEDA\\logs\*.log). If you are using the installer version of VEDA2.0, the log files can be found here (VEDA\VEDA2.0\Log\*.log).

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