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Issue in result display
Dear Team,
I have two queries related to TIMES results:
1. I have added a scenario to add renewables to the model using CAP_BND. When I ran the first case, the results were displayed, but the second time when I ran it again, it wasn't showing the same result as before. But the result section does not show the RNW now.

2. I have added two interconnectors for import and export with input stock capacity, but in the result section, it shows different values than the input. For example, In import and export section, it shows only one result for import 2. I wrote the value 609 for the import of 02, and it shows 6428 in the result. while export 1 = 236 and export 2 = 848, but it shows the values below in the results. The input values were for 2018, but they show results from the 2025 year and the values are also wrong. 

NOTE: I have attached a file with information about RNW potential and IMP/EXP connector data in the same file.

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