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Veda Models based on regions
Hello everyone,
     Anyone here working on building a model for country where he/she might be seeing the trade losses or things like that.
Yes, I have defined trade losses, mainly for electricity interconnections (so transmission losses). I am seeing them working as expected. Shy
How did you, like by using some equations relating to distance or what
TIMES does not know anything about how the losses are estimated.  For the model, they are simply defined as a fraction of the power transmitted through each transmission process.  You can model any number of transmission processes between model regions, and assigning a process for each existing physical interconnection line may thus be well justified, as well as for potential new lines. You can then model the losses according to the technical characteristics and distance of each line.

In general, losses are lower in DC than in AC lines over long distances. ETSAP has estimated the energy losses to be about 3% per 1,000 km for an HVDC line, while as much as about 7% per 1,000 km for an HVAC line. For sea cables, losses are about the same in HVDC cables, but are much higher in HVAC sea cables even over relatively short distances.
like you're saying that TIMES will model whatever values we will provide and whatever formulas or equations we put in, not itself knows what are the things one has put in
What is meant by this "chkDoTAGSQC" in import setting file
are you using Veda2.0 or VEDA_FE?
(03-04-2023, 01:40 PM)Saad Awan Wrote: What is meant by this "chkDoTAGSQC" in import setting file

Dear Saad,

"chkDoTAGSQC" is used to validate Tags.


Veda will perform the validation process for the Tags only if the user has selected the "Do TAGS QC" option; otherwise, the validation process will not be carried out.

Note: In the validation process, Veda will validate tags in the Excel files for a particular Scenario Type.
If it is a valid tag for any scenario type, the code logs a message indicating that the tag is valid for a particular scenario type.
If it is not a valid tag for any scenario type, the code logs a message indicating that the tag is not valid and may be misspelled.

For your Information, the Scenario types are "BY", "SUBRES", "DemAlloc", "DemScen", "TradeLinks", BY_Trans", "SR_Trans", "TradeScen", "SYSSETTINGS", "RegScen".
Is it possible to model regional trade of energy on veda, and to know the impact of trade between different regions. If yes please if any of you can help.

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