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VDA_FLOP for PCG commodities
Dear all, 

I have a (very) simple question about the attribute VDA_FLOP and how it is dealt with under items_detail. 

In fact, I do have in my model a process of CO2 removal that consumes captured CO2 (SNKCO2), electricity (ELCHIGG) and a dummy commodity (SNKDOO), used to model the potential of CO2 storage. The latter is tagged PCG. Is it normal that, under items details, the value of the attribute "input" is translated into VDA_FLOP only for SNKCO2, ELCHIGG and not for SNKDOO? Is it happening because SNKDGO is tagged PCG? 

Thank ou very much for your answer, 

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Although this is a VEDA question, I guess I may also give my clarification from the TIMES viewpoint:
Yes, I think it is because SNKDGO is tagged PCG.  In TIMES, you cannot use VDA_FLOP on PCG flows; such will be simply ignored.  VDA_FLOP defines a flow in proportion to the activity. But the PCG flows are by themselves defining the activity, and so any VDA_FLOP defined on them would be superfluous, if not inconsistent.

So, I think VEDA is just doing the same: Ignoring any Input / Output defined on PCG flows when converting these into the TIMES VDA_FLOP attribute. I think it is desirable to have them ignored, to avoid unnecessary garbage making its way into the input files. The VEDA developers may wish to confirm...

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