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Does TIMES use NCAP_AF information on DAYNITE level for a proces defined on annual TS
I have a very basic question, which I hope someone will help me clarify. It relates to use of NCAP_AF for a process which operates on an annual time-slice level. Basically does TIMES use information related to an upper bound on NCAP_AF on a DAYNITE level, if the process in question is defined on an annual time-slice level? Or does TIMES only use NCAP_AF~UP on DAYNITE-level if the proces is also defined on DAYNITE level? 


Kristoffer S. Andersen <br />Advisor, Danish Energy Agency
Yes, like most timeslice-based attributes, NCAP_AF is always levelized to the appropriate process timeslices. But only the resulting values at the process timeslice(s) are then applied, i.e. a single value if the process is ANNUAL.

So, YES, TIMES does use the information specified on any timeslice levels of NCAP_AF, regardless of the process timeslice level.

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