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syssettings missing in case manager

I am trying to run a few cases that I have been able to run successfully in the past. When I sync the files, I get the occasional error that says "SysSettings.xls" is open. I haven't got it open, nor do I see any Excel processes running in the task manager. I have tried clicking on "close all xls images".

Eventually, all the files, including syssettings, will sync fine, without errors. But upon opening the case manager, I get an error saying that syssettings is missing. Hitting solve, of course, results in fatal errors. Could you please suggest why this is happening? I haven't renamed the SysSettings file or anything. The same cases were running fine a few months ago.

Hi Ach,

Can you upload a log file in this post.

If you want a web session with us, kindly send an email at with timings and your time zone.

Ravinder Singh Chauhan
Hello Ach, hello Ravinder,

May I ask if you have found a solution for this problem?
We are experiencing the same problem taht Ach described above.

At the same time we are not able to import the newtech (SubRES_NT) file.

What is also strange that a "ManageVEDASysSetting" and a "VEDASyssettings" MS Access Database file appeared in the C:\VEDA folder which were not there before.

If you found the solution already, could you please share? Or may I also ask for a web session?

Hello Viktor,

Did you update the VEDA recently?

It seems you were using the very older version of VEDA, because both "ManageVedaSettings.exe" and "VedaSettings.mdb" was included in installer a long time ago.
So I suggest you do a fresh installation of VEDA on that machine.

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