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UC_FLO ignored by TIMES for IRE processes needing UC_IRE
Hi all,
I am still relatively new to TIMES - and am using the global TIAM model. I am trying to introduce some constraints to China, to constrain the total primary energy supply / final energy. I have attached an example Excel spreadsheet below with the two example constraints.

The first (Sheet1) attempts to enforce a 10% share of gas in TPES for China in 2020.
The second (Sheet2) is meant to limit final energy consumption in industry in China in 2020.

When I sync the file, I get the following warning:
VI: IRE processes need UC_IRE, UC_FLO will be ignored by TIMES. 

For the Primary Energy constraint, the problem appears with MIN* processes. For the final energy constraint, the problem is with IMPNRGZ 

I understand that UC_IRE is a constraint to do with trade flows. But I am not sure how I need to update my constraint worksheets in order to prevent these constraints having values ignored.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Neil Grant

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I suspect that you have modelled all the MIN* processes as trade processes, importing energy from an external "mining region".  If so, you cannot use UC_FLO for the import flows, but you must use UC_IRE instead.  For imports, the easier shortcut solution in VEDA would be to use UC_IRE-I.  Both UC_FLO and UC_IRE define UC coefficients on process flow variables, but the first works only for flows of normal processes, and the second for trade process flows.

However, I wonder why on earth you have NRG under the Pset_Set column?  NRG is the commodity type for energy commodities. So, I suspect that is in error, no?

Similarly, the dummy import process IMPNRGZ is a trade process, and you should probably just exclude it from the final energy constraint to avoid the warning about using UC_FLO for IRE.
Dear Antti,

Thanks for that - fixed all the problems!


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