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Long run times w/ DSCINV, infeasible without
This model was working recently until I refined the initial condition using forced production in MIN processes in the VT_REG_PRI_REG file. Now the model taking an incredibly long time to solve - it's stuck at resolving conflicts in GAMS.  I'm using semi-discrete intervals.

If I disable discrete investment and remove DSCINV files, the model is infeasible even with dummy import processes enabled, and even upon relaxing the demand, and/or relaxing/removing the CO2 constraint. 

Could you please assist me in understanding what's going on?


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Running the Cplex infeasibility finder immediately points out that your cumulative upper bounds for OLDPVS17, MINWND17, and MINNUC17 are all severely inconsistent with the ANNUAL lower bounds on activity for the same processes.

So, why have you defined these inconsistent bounds, and thus formulate an infeasible model?

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