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QA Log error/process PCG issue
In continuation to , I tried to develop a more sophisticated CO2 capture system, where CO2 from different fossil fuels is represented by different ENV commodities (COACO2,OILCO2...) that is being captured and converted by a carbon capture process, or a process that converts these emissions or any remainder from the carbon capture to normal ELCCO2, on which constraints etc are imposed.

If I use the suggestion in the previously mentioned thread, i.e. make the PCG COACO2, or OILCO2, I get a QA Log with errors (attached). If I make the PCG ENVO, the process doesn't work(but the QA error log goes away), and it seems the COACO2 type commodities don't get converted to ELCCO2 as they should. The sheet where this process is defined is attached. I can share more of my model upon request.

Could you please help me understand this error and share any tips on how to get this working? Thanks

EDIT: I have tried Share-O-FX to split CO2 output into carbon captured CO2 and residual CO2, as mentioned in the previous thread. I also tried Comm-OUT-A. In the end, I stopped using it to simplify the model, hence the empty Comm-OUT-A and Share-O-FX columns.

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I am not fully able to understand the intended logic (or the problem), but I tried the Subres with the DEMO model, and I obtained no QA Log warnings at all related to any of the processes in either case: By defining the PCG as COACO2, OILCO2, ..., or by defining the PCG as ENVO.  I also see the processes CEMICOA30, CEMIOIL30, CEMILNG30 working as seemingly intended, converting the COACO2 type commodities to ELCCO2.

However, at first I got some "deleted commodities" errors in VEDA, and I fixed them before trying to run the model, by defining those undefined commodities in the Subres: ELCCO2, NEWCOA17, NEWCOA30, NEWLNG17, NEWLNG30, NEWOIL17, NEWOIL30.

Anyway, unfortunately I am not able to reproduce the problem(s)...

[EDIT:] if you can provide the full set of input files (*.DD, *.RUN) for a run case that reproduces the problem you are seeing (please also describe the problem), I would be happy to investigate it and provide my suggestion for a cure.

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