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Install problem "Unable to Connect Server!"
A computer that houses one of our VEDA/TIMES installations died and so I'm trying to install VEDA on a brand new computer but I'm having a problem getting it started.  It's my first time doing an install so I've been following the instructions on:

I'm able to download the VTI_WWW_4 zip file and extract it.  But when I run the executable it gives me a long list of missing files to download and then when I click download it gives me an error "Unable to Connect Server!"

On the webpage, step #4 gives instructions on what to do if I get an "unable to connect to internet" message, so I tried clicking the link to the local installer but when I enter my email address and get the link.  The link gives me the following error "You have accessed something that doesn’t exist or has been moved to our new website:  If you are looking to install VEDA, click here (Support Website) (User forum)"

so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I am running on Windows 7 Professional. 

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