Download the latest version of VEDA-FE (45819) and VEDA-BE (492010)

Veda Application Installation guide

VEDA license problem and multiple installations
If installing VEDA licenses you have the following problems:

1) license file is missing from VEDA_FE/BE folder
2) Intermediate license code in the text file in VEDA_FE/BE folder is different from the code you see lunching VEDA

it means there are multiple installations on your computer. You need:

1) to uninstall from control panel
2) search for VEDA folders via explorer and delete all of them
3) reinstall from scratch
4) reset license from VEDA_FE/BE / help / update license
5) Get a new lic.


We have a shared computer which we want to use VEDA on two different aacounts. After installing VEDA (the new version) for the second account (it is installed in my document folder), the older account which has been using VEDA (the older version of VEDA) receives this error: "Permission denied".
I wonder what is the best way to use VEDA on a shared computer.  Should we install it in the program location or in the user partition?  

Saleh, you just need to install VEDA in one login account at common location where your both accounts has read/write permission.
Create folder like "C:\VEDA", install VEDA in this folder and complete the license process. now you can use VEDA from any account of that machine. but just make sure your both accounts has read/write permission of that folder.

Some user interface properties may change over users because those saved in user profile area, like height/width/location/MRU etc. except those everything will remain same across users.

Before doing re-installation, please un-install VEDA from that machine.
I have installed VEDA on windows server in the shared folder "C:\VEDA". It runs perfectly using administrator account, but when I want to run VEDA using other accounts I receive multiple errors: error 339 "component MSCOMCTL.OCX or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid", error 2147467259 "data source name not found" and other errors. All of my accounts have administrator rights and they can read/write in the folder. Would you please help me what should I do?

You just need to start VEDA with option "Run as administrator". Only for first time after that start as normal.

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