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migrating issue
Hello, I successfully imported my old model and get results. Now I am on the stage to compare the results with the old version. After I imported the GDX and VD files from old run, it gives me the attached error window "null values cannot be formatted as SQL identifier". The GDX and VD files are generated based on the updated TIMES FE abd BE models as well as updated TIMES source code. After this happens, even my results are not displayed any more, constantly giving me this error message even after starting the model from scratch, after refreshing the results, after changing the AppData folder back when it was working, etc. Could you help please? Is there an option to un-import those GDX and VD files? What could be an issue with my VD and GDX files? Why do they give an error?

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Hi Dali,

Can you please share the log files with us.

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