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Thank you for youre fast answer Smile.

Using an attribute that exist worked regarding the warning message. 

But I am still not able to get it to work right. Stating the GDX reference with "As starting point" option and "Fix years upto" as None gives error in GAMS compilation. I have attached the lst-file.

The contex for us to use the attribute is to check if results from one stochastic/spines model is feasible in another stochastic/spines model. The only thing that changes between them is the number of SOWs.

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.txt   Test_3scen_fixedTo9Scen_4.txt (Size: 90.29 KB / Downloads: 9)
please upload the .RUN file from this run. It will help Antti to figure things out.
The RUN file is attached, I just changed the endig to .txt as RUN-file is not allowed.

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.txt   Test_3scen_fixedTo9Scen_4.RUN.txt (Size: 2.12 KB / Downloads: 6)
Many thanks Lisa for providing the listing file and the run file, and thanks Amit for the help shooting the trouble.

I identified the problem now (which was related to using REG_BDNCAP for a stochastic run without FIXBOH). It will be fixed in the next version (should be available within a week). Meanwhile, you could try adding e.g. SET FIXBOH 1990 (fixing years up to a very old year, which will not have any impact), and it should already work for you.
I didn't shoot Antti... just lined up the distance and wind speed information for you Smile
Veda UI will not let you go any earlier than the first milestone year for FIXBOH. If that is not acceptable, then you will have to declare this FIXBOH in the RUN file.
(01-09-2020, 08:22 PM)AKanudia Wrote: I didn't shoot Antti... just lined up the distance and wind speed information for you Smile
Sorry I meant troubleshooting, for which I appreciate your help. I am not so good at English and so I thought shooting the trouble means the same thing. Blush
Dear Amit and Antti,

Setting FIXBOH to the first milestone year and also setting Fix Years Upto the last milestone year (same as the year for REG_BDNCAP) in the GDX references window did make it work. I was able to get different operational decisions for each of the SOW with the same capacities as the fixed GDX. 

Thank you very much for implementing this function and youre help. It will help us alot and save us for even more time Big Grin .

Best regards,
Lisa and Pernille

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