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Importing predefined tables, existing predefined tables accidentally deleted

I was importing some predefined tables in VEDA-BE, the tables were imported correctly but, the predefined tables I had created before in VEDA-BE disappeared, is there a way to recover them or are they completely erased? 

*When I was generating one of the tables again (with the same name), it says the table already exists but it is not appearing in the "Table Definition" area.

VEDA-BE keeps a backup copy of "Sets and Tables" definition database in "Veda\Veda_BE\Veda_Snt_Backups" folder.

ByDefault VEDA retains only 7 days backup files but you can change this by using "Tools -> Options -> SnT".
I found it, thanks Smile
now, how can I import this backup? I can imagine it would be something like "Tbale-> Import table(s) -> Access" but I am afraid to delete everything again so I need a confirmation.
Yes, you are right, You can import tables by "Table -> Import Tables -> Access".

And to protect older definitions just say "NO" when VEDA asking for overwriting the existing tables.
But VEDA will ask for overwriting existing tables if the tables have the same name than the existing ones right? (I did not have that message). The ones I created had a different name than the ones I was importing and anyways they were removed. When I was importing the table a message appeared, it was something like "the file has not the adequate format". The predefined tables I was importing were in xls because when I exported then from another computer, I choose "Table-> Export table(s)-> Excel".

So, do you know why my existing tables were deleted? shall I change the table to .MDB before importing it?


Yes, Veda asks for overwriting the tables only if the database already has the same existing table.

And Veda does not delete any existing table by importing feature unless an error occurred during the import processing.
Check the error logs in "Veda\VEDA_BE\Logs" folder and let me know if found anything.

And excel import is sometimes problematic on some machine due to formatting issues, So try to import Sets And Tables using Access version.

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