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Aggregating processes
I would like to aggregate a number of processes (in my case LDVs with different fuel types) and set a lower bound on the sum of stocks of these aggregated vehicles. How can I achieve this? I guess it should be user constraint but I cannot find the proper syntax for that. Would you mind helping me? 

Also, for aggregating commodities, we have ~COMAGG but I could not find a similar syntax for aggregating processes.

If "stocks" means capacity, maybe something like this (aggregate lower bound on LDV* capacity in 2030–2050):

~UC_Sets: R_E: AllRegions   ~UC_T: UC_RHSRT
UC_N           Pset_PN      LimType     UC_CAP     2030     2050    0
LDVCapBound    LDV*          LO           1         20       50     1

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