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region definitions that are sector-specific

I have a question around the use of region definitions that are sector-specific. 

If I define the regions like below & I define RSD sector for each country (“AT”, …., “UK”) and ELC sector for each region (REG1, REG2).  Do I have to make a trade-scenario file and define trades-process for ELC that is produced in “REG1” and used in “AT” (both belong to the same region REG1/EREG1). (I assume you have to but would be so great if I didn’t have to).
BookName      Region
REG1               REG1
REG2               REG2
EREG1             AT
EREG2             IT

All the best
I am glad you are trying this approach - to have sector-specific region definition. You surely need to create trade processes to carry (I guess) electricity from EREG1 regions to REG1. And I would suggest you put some restrictions on the shares of import from the electricity regions into REG1/REG2.

We have several different levels of regions within USA in our FACETS model:
Thank you for quick response.

One clarification question. If I want the electricity (ELC) produced in region REG1 to be available for all countries in region EREG1. Do I then define one trade-process between REG1 and ERGE1, or do I need to define a trade process for each connection, i.e. REG1-AT, REG1-DE, REG1-FR and REG1-ES.

EREG1/2 have no existence in the model. They only exist in VEDA, to help you create data in a compact way. So, the links have to be among the regions in the Region column of your table. But you could create a market instead of individual links, simply by putting a instead of "1" in the trade matrix.
Thank you, could you possible provide an example (an excel-file) on how such trade could look like.

Thank you in advance

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