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Allow curtailment via IMPDEMZ
I would like to allow curtailment of renewable feed-ins in my TIMES model.
In order to achieve that my first idea was to set IMPDEMZ to zero cost.
In the TIMES View in VEDA I see that both the zero and the default (999999) costs seem to be loaded, see here:    

So which of these two costs is now loaded into the model?

Or, more in general, do you have any better / more elegant idea in order to allow curtailment?
This depends on the order of scenarios on the case manager. SysSettings will appear after Base, so that will overwrite Base values, provided all indexes (year, currency..) are the same.

but I don't see how this will achieve what you want. Can you elaborate?
Ok, do I assume correctly that you mean "below" by "after" in the case manager?
Is there any way to avoid that these BASE values are being set in by VEDA ?

Yes, I want to provide the model a synthetic sink where it may dump energy into when it is not needed but available.
According to my understanding IMPNRGZ are integrated at the left-hand-side of the activity/flow equation, providing a supply (or source) at very high cost, to keep the model feasible in any case. Analogous to that IMPDEMZ are integrated at the right-hand-side of the activity/flow equation (or at the LHS with negative sign), providing a demand (or sink).
Renewable feed-in should be enforced by setting the according NCAP_AF values (derived from time series) to LimType=FX, right?

Or am I doing/understanding something wrong here?


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