Veda2.0 Released!

VEDA with antivirus ( AVAST )

VEDA applications did not start on some machines where Avast antivirus installed.

If anybody has same issue, please read this.

"How to exclude certain folder, files, or programs from scanning?"
Yes, very true Vikrant. I have observed the following issues on different anti-viruses:

1. Kaspersky EndPoint Security: 
Operation must use an Updateable Query 

Error reading from Table - Table is in a read only database.

2. F-Secure Antivirus Protection: When requesting for a new key using 'Get Key Online', I used to get the following error: 
Windows cannot find ''

To resolve these issues, please exclude VEDA_FE.exe and VEDA_BE.exe in your Anti-Virus console and add them as trusted applications.
Utsav Jha VEDA Support
FSecure AV protection, Kaspersky and McAffee are known to cause - 'Invalid Picture' error upon executing the VedaInstaller.exe.
Users are requested to add exclusion of VEDAInstaller.exe in the AV programs they're using and then retry installing. Running the installer after encountering this error will result in a faulty installation. In case already installed, refer to VEDASupport Site on uninstalling VEDA applications from your system and then proceed with a fresh installation henceforth.

In case installation fails even after adding an exclusion (an issue which has been encountered on specific Windows 10 systems), I suggest you perform the following steps:
  • Download the latest VEDAInstaller from VEDA Support Site.

  • From the account who will be using the VEDA Application(s), create a folder called as VEDA and assign Full Permissions to him.  VEDA Support Site has all the details on assigning user permissions. 

  • Place the latest downloaded VedaInstaller.exe in this folder.

  • Right click over it and under 'General' tab, select 'Unblock' the application, if it's blocked. If you're using an Antivirus software, ensure that the Antivirus exclusion of VedaInstaller.exe exists.

  • Execute VedaInstaller.exe using the procedure as mentioned here: VEDA-FE and VEDA-BE: Installing from scratch.

  • After installation, and before requesting for a license, add VEDA_FE.exe and VEDA_BE.exe exclusions to your Antivirus.

  • Request for a license- You may use the Evaluation version in case you do not have a license.

  • Go through the Testing Successful Installations page and test your installation.

Utsav Jha VEDA Support

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