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Supply is not equal to demand
Dear all,
    A strange problem has happened. In my model, energy supply is not equal to energy demand for some energy items, such as AGRCOA (coal demand in agriculture) and AGRGAS (natural gas demand in agriculture) . For example, in the year of 2012, coal demand is 44 10ktce, but corresponding supply is 13302 10ktce. 
    Thank you for your help! Attached is my file.

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It looks like you are hitting the lower bound for variable costs, which can cause some peculiarities.

In the first place, you should increase the Dummy Imp Prices in SysSettings, because they are too low for your model.  See the  ACTCOST values on the sheet Interpol_Extrapol_Defaults  in SysSettings. Try e.g. with 10 times higher values 22222 and 88888 for IMP*Z and IMPDEMZ.

Secondly, if you also want to make the variable costs free (unbounded on the lower side), add the following parameter (e.g. in SysSettings):

Thank you! I used the values of 22222 and 88888, and it works. When I used the second method, I found that dummy imports disappeared, so the first method seems to be better?
In addition, I still don't understand where and when to build user defined CG after reading Part 1-3 texts, can you explain it?

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