Veda2.0 Released!

hi everyone,


could you describe in more detail FIXOM / VAROM / INVCOST attributes (description, units, when required etc.), for FIXOM / VAROM - are there any differences when describing existing and new techs ?

am I right that the dimension of FIXOM is monetary units per a unit of installed capacity and that of VAROM - per unit of activity?


You are right about the definition of FIXOM and VAROM.
You will find comprehensive and accurate descriptions of all TIMES parameters here:
Consult the VEDA FE Attributes Master (under Advanced Functions)  to see how the alias that are sometimes used in VEDA models map to the original TIMES parameters. For example, the TIMES parameters for FIXOM and VAROM are NCAP_FOM and ACT_COST.
What happens with the TIMES parameters that doesn¡t have an alias??? how do you refer to them from VEDA models??

Just use the TIMES attribute directly. The TIMES attribute always works, even when there is an alias.


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