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FIXOM modification of trade process
Hi! I have a model with some trade process between regions. I want its costs (both variable and fixed costs) to change over time. 
I declared both FIXOM and ACT_COST for the base year (2013) in the "ScenTrade_Transmission" file, as show below:
Then, in a separate scenario file, I declared modifications for both FIXOM and VAROM in a TFM_INS table:
The question is that, analyzing the results, the variable costs are indeed changing as specified in the files. However, the model is not changing the fixed costs along the horizon (see the excel file attached, in which I exported a table from VEDA-BE with Cost_ACT and Cost_FOM and divided by VAR_FIn and VAR_CAP, respectively, in order to calculate the fixom and varom the model is considering. The latter does not correspond to the value specified in the scenario file).

Thanks a lot!

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The documentation says: NCAP_FOM: Fixed operating and maintenance cost per unit of capacity according to the installation year.

The Excel file you attached shows constant capacities, and so it seems plausible that the constant capacities correspond to the same existing installations?  If that is so, the fixed costs will by default also remain constant, according to the cost specified for the installation year(s). In other words, the fixed O&M costs, specified by NCAP_FOM, are vintage-specific.

Age and/or time-dependent evolution of fixed O&M costs can be modelled by using SHAPE and MULTI, together with NCAP_FOMX/NCAP_FOMM. In your case, it seems that you may want to use MULTI and NCAP_FOMM?
I used NCAP_FOMM and MULTI and it worked. Thanks a lot!

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