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Global filter
Thanks to Amit, I have just sloved a small problem about the global filter for table dispaly. To share the question and  answer here for VEDA-BE users who might come up with the similar problem.


Hi Amit, I've just ran into some problem with BE, when I am checking the tables, suddenly was told there is "no records qualify for the specified criteria and global filter." Usually it's because there is some comodity or process missing, but actually I didn't make any change, and when I re-import some source-file that used to work well to check for the same table, the table is also told to be missing. Do I have to check global filter? Besides for re-install the BE, any other advice?


Amit's answer:

Hello Xi, Try Global filter – remove for all dimensions (see below). you can do this with right click on any of the elements lists on the main form. Reinstalling will not help.



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