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How to disaggregate emission factors
I am trying to enter a new tech on my model via SubRES. To describe it I have used several commodities as input fuels (INDCOK, INDBIO, INDSLU, etc.). I want to disaggregate the emission factors of each one, I mean: in the case of the INDCOK, the emission factor considered in the model is 101.2 (kt per Mt of material produced). This value is for ETSCO2 (emissions due to the combustion). I want to add in the SubRES template, the INDCO2N (considering the 15% of ETSCO2), the INDSCO2N (considering that the 85% of the combustion emissions go to storage) and the INDCO2P (the emissions due to process), for each one of the input fuels considered (INDCOK, INDCOA, INDHFO, INDMUN, INDSLU, etc.)
In the SubRES template I only could add new columns "EMISSIONS~ETSCO2", "EMISSIONS~INDCO2N", and "EMISSIONS~INDSCO2N". The VEDAFE software only reads the last row I enter so I cannot disaggregate the total emission factors.
The reason is that I want to know the contribution of each one of the input fuels to the emissions after I run the model, i.e. To know what fuels the model uses and their quantities.
EMISSIONS declares activity-based emission coefficients. You see only the last row as the Comm-IN is being ignored and each row overwrites the previous one.
You can use the Attributes Master under advanced functions to investigate such issues. EMISSIONS is an alias for FLO_EMIS+. What you need is FLO_EMIS. Two possibilities:
  1. Change EMISSIONS to FLO_EMIS and repeat the Comm-IN in a column CommGrp.
  2. Set this up in the Trans file (or a scenario file).
Hi Mr. Kanudia,
Thanks for your fast answer. I´ve tested the first option and it works.
So thanks a lot.

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