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COM_FR (Fraction of Electricity consumed)
Hello, i wonder if there is some default COM_FR  (Commodity fraction) for Electricity consumed in Agriculural secor (DEMAND) ? Or it should be ANNUAL ? 
Thank you.
The default for COM_FR is always G_YRFR.  No, there is basically nothing that should be ANNUAL, it is up to the modeller to decide.  ANNUAL demands, SEASON demands and DAYNITE demands all support defining load profiles.
Hi, but my G_YRFR , SD,SN,SP - FD, FN,FP - WD,WN,WP - RD,RN,RP are not calculated on the electricity load curve. Its only simple calculation based on numbers of days in year and seasons divided to TimeSlice.
So demand Comodity (COM_PROJ) like, Residential electricity for lightning (TDRESELC_L) has attribute COM_FR with fraction data from JRC model for our country.

And i m asking if there is default data for Agricultural Electricity proportion. consumption? Or i should it leave empty.
Only data what we have are electricity projections in Agriculture from our Electricity transmission system. But my assumptions is that electricity is consumed in administrative buildings, animal acommodation and so on.
If you mean you'd like to find a data source for agricultural electricity load profiles, then the VEDA Forum may not be a good place.
But concerning default values for COM_FR, they are indeed G_YRFR.  I know that is true, and it is also stated so in the documentation. 

G_YRFR defines a flat load profile, and so the default demand profiles are flat.

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