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Methods of comparing model versions

I am working on a small team of modelers to implement changes in our TIMES model. As part of this process, we are comparing previous versions of our model with newer versions that another modeler has created to see what changes they have made to their inputs. 

The method we have been using so far is comparing the input files using Excel's compare files program. However, this is a very time intensive and painstaking process, as we need to go line by line through each file to look for minor changes. Is there a more useful built in function or tool within VEDA that might aid in this process? 

Thank you for your assistance.
Yes, there is the input data GDX comparison method, which I find quite nice.
By default, for each run, the input data is saved into a compact GDX file named *DATA_yymmdd_hhmmss (case name, date and timestamp included). If you have such files, it should be easy to compare the input data and see what has been changed (between any steps in your development). You can do that directly with the GAMS GDXDiff (and GDX2XLS) utility, or from within VEDA.

I am sure Amit can help you with using this tool from within VEDA. But you can also see it illustrated in the ETSAP Webinar 1: Veda.2.0 video recording, demonstration section from about 54:30 onwards.

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