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Question about TIMES Attributes in VEDA2.0
Dear Sir,
I would like to ask a question about TIMES Attributes in VEDA2.0.
What meanings of “U” in the Commodity column? (attachment file 1.jpg)    
And there is also have “U” in the LimType column.
Are there any description in VEDA2.0 like VEDAFE? (attachment file 2.jpg)    

Thank for your help!!
"U" stands for User (must specify). This means that no default value will be provided by Veda for this dimension.
(10-11-2022, 11:58 AM)AKanudia Wrote: "U" stands for User (must specify). This means that no default value will be provided by Veda for this dimension.

Dear AKanudia,

Thank you for the prompt reply.
Hi, I was using the basic unit commitment option in previous version of Veda (it worked) and now I'm migrating my model into Veda 2.0 and I just noticed that all of parameters in basic unit commitment options were not modeled by this new Veda version*. Is there any steps that I should do to migrate these parameters?

* there was certain GW of new gas power plant but zero electricity production, then I searched for example ACT_MINLD and ACT_UPS on browser option. they didn't show up.

Thank you

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