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UC growth rate setting
Hello! I want to ask whether it's possible to apply growth rate constraint on the summation of a group of technologies.

For example, I want to set the capacity growth limit for wind power. In our model, there are various technologies such as onshore and offshore wind power, etc. The method in DEMO will set growth limits for each technology. Is there a way to set the growth constraint directly on the total installed capacity of all wind power rather than on each technology?

Thank you!
Yes, that would be easy with UC constraints. Example below, where the growth of the combined capacity of all AZDAC* processes is limited to 10% per annum, plus 1000 per year, starting from 2030:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=502]

The constant term (1000 in the example) can be defined as a time series as well (e.g. as a decreasing "seed" value for the constraint), or zero starting from certain year, or any trajectory you like. Such a constant term is often needed at least in the first years for getting an initial capacity installed so that the dynamic growth limit can work.  However, in your case (total wind power) you probably already have some wind power installed, and therefore you could just leave the constant term zero for all years.
Thank you very much! It works well.

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