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Share constraint between two technology sets

I have a query regarding share constraint between two technology set. I explain the problem.

There are four technology sets inside a technology set 'AGR_PUMP' that satisfy pumping demand 'AP'.
1. Set of efficient diesel pump     (Pset_Set - AGR_EDPUMP, Pset_CI - DBA, Pset_CO - AP)
2. Set of conventional diesel pump  (Pset_Set - AGR_CDPUMP, Pset_CI - DBA, Pset_CO - AP)
3. Set of efficient electric pump       (Pset_Set - AGR_EEPUMP, Pset_CI - DBA, Pset_CO - AP)
4. Set of conventional electric pump (Pset_Set - AGR_CDPUMP, Pset_CI - DBA, Pset_CO - AP)

I need to define a share between efficient and diesel pumps as given below for each timeslices in the model:

As this is not the technology penetration in total commodity, I am not getting how to define a UC constraint for this.

Please suggest on this. 

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Defining such share constraints is very simple indeed. I assume that you want it on all DAYNITE timeslices?


However,  I am not actually suggesting that the constraint should be defined on the DAYNITE level; I only got the impression that you wanted it to be so.

In general, I think one should first consider whether it is, in fact, appropriate to assume that the demand load profile for AP could be imposed to all of these pumping technologies. If that would be the case, both the the constraint and the pumping technologies could be defined on the ANNUAL level, because by imposing the demand load profile for the technologies, the constraint would indeed be guaranteed to be satisfied on all DAYNITE timeslices.

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