Veda2.0 Released!

Obtaining Full VEDA2.0 License
Hi there, 

I am using VEDA2.0 to run the UK-TIMES model generator as part of my PhD studies, and I currently have a trial license for VEDA2.0. As I will be using VEDA2.0 over the course of my PhD studentship, which may last up to 3.5 years, I was wondering how to obtain a full license for the VEDA2.0 software, rather than the limited-time trial license. 

Any help that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks.
Dear Jake,

Please fill the form in the link below, after that we will contact you.
(04-03-2022, 06:24 PM)Ravinder Wrote: Dear Jake,

Please fill the form in the link below, after that we will contact you.
Dear Ravinder, 

Thank you so much for sending over this form! I was wondering if you know whether I need both the GAMS and CPLEX solvers to run the UK-TIMES model? I have been unable to find confirmation in any documentation.  

Thank you for your help!
Yes, you do.

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