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age-based ENV_CAP
Dear all,

Could I define an age-based ENV_CAP of a process? I tried FLO_FUNCX, but it does not work? Could anybody give a help?  Thanks a lot!
No, in general, that is currently not supported by TIMES. Only the special case where the shape is a step function (zero → 1, or 1 → zero, the timing defined by NCAP_CLAG) is currently supported. The first type of a step shape (zero → 1) is accomplished directly just by defining the corresponding NCAP_CLAG(r,v,p,c,IO)=age, and the second (1 → zero) can be indirectly be accomplished by defining NCAP_COM also for the opposite IO side OI (so effectively with a negative sign), and the NCAP_CLAG(r,v,p,c,OI)=age, such that the net flow will step down from the defined value to zero at that age.

However, if you can describe your use case, it might well be considered reasonable to implement in TIMES support also for the general case (shaping NCAP_COM by age with a SHAPE index). Therefore, could you please describe, for which kind of a process and commodity you would need this functionality for shaping ENV_CAP (=NCAP_COM) by age? And is the flow of that ENV commodity only defined by the capacity and age (i.e. no FLO_EMIS or ENV_ACT is defined)?
Very well, as shaping NCAP_COM indeed seemed to be a valid functionality, it is supported in TIMES v4.6.0.

Shaping NCAP_COM(r,v,p,c,io) can be now done by defining the SHAPE index with FLO_FUNCX(r,v,p,'CAPFLO',com). If the commodity com has both an IN and OUT NCAP_COM coefficient, it will be applied to both flows, unless NCAP_CLAG(r,v,p,c,io) is also specified. With a zero NCAP_CLAG one can thus choose between shaping IN or OUT if only one of them should be shaped. In other words, NCAP_CLAG overrides FLO_FUNCX, and both cannot be used for the same flow. However, as one can define any kind of lags also with a SHAPE index, that should not cause any loss in generality.

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