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Including rows with "zero" in VEDA BE Tables
I have a quick question!

When I want to have a Table in VEDA BE, I select related Attributes, Commodities, etc. and then VEDA BE producing the Table. However, it dose not show the rows which all of the data are "zero". I want to export the data to an excel file and I want to have all of the combinations of the selected Attributes, Commodities, etc. in the Tables; even if the data is zero in all of the time-slices. 

How can I take care of this issue? Thank you for your help!
See file times2veda.vdd in GAMS_Src folder. There is a line "not-0 ". This suppresses records with zero values for these variables to check the size of VD files. Commenting this line out should bring in the zeros that you are looking for.

But you could also manage this in Excel if you use formulas to populate a fixed structure that reads from a CSV dump out of VEDA-BE.

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