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VEDA FE 4.5.8 update
Dear all,

I have updated VEDA version last week to FE 4.5.8 (from 4.5.5 maybe; not sure I remember) however the Sync of the full TIAM is now extremely slow.
In the version before a full model Sync would take an hour; with the new VEDA_FE it is now more than a day.

Note that the Sync is working (not stalled or stopped) but all files are now very slow to be Sync.
Is there something that I should have done when updating the VEDA version?

The machine: PC + windows 7 + office 2013.
Attached pic showing Sync started 24 hours ago with some specific scenario very slow to update in the model.

Any idea to fix this would be welcome.


Olivier Dessens,

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Can you roll back to the old version and confirm that it still works must faster on this machine?
I have only one experience of such extremely poor performance from years ago, and it was due to the use of multi-field compound indexes having been dropped.  After complaining about the extremely bad performance, an option was added into VEDA-FE for using / not using compound indexes (see Tools → UserOptions → General).  Since then I always used this option, although it seems there have been some changes in the use of these indexes since then.  Olivier: Are you using that option?

I hope the new version is still making ever more effective use of compound indexes where needed for performance...
Thanks for this input Antti. Have you started using 4.5.8, and is it working well for you?
No I have not yet tested v4.5.8. In fact, I only now started to test how much time a full Sync takes in 4.5.538 (my latest version).  I am not fully sure, but it does seem to take notably longer than in earlier versions...

I am also not sure how to download all the new versions.  There is a link on the Support site, asking for an email address to get a download link.  Is that the only option to download each time?  BTW: is v4.5.8 the only version available for download at this time, or are there some older versions available somewhere, too?
Dear all,

Thanks for the help.

Seems that the option "compound indexes" makes a difference.
The timing of Sync is getting normal (or as before) for scenario files.

I will see if I have further problems with FE 4.5.8, but hopefully not.

Amit, I have access to my previous version of VEDA but will continue with this update.

Thanks for letting us know, this is very good news. And thanks again, Antti.
My pleasure, especially after testing v4.5.8 and finding it notably better in Sync performance than my previous 4.5.538!   Wink
Smile Smile
Dear all,

I'm not sure of this but I would like to share this information with the community.

I have also removed some Optional Add-Ins from within Excel (eg: @RISK uncertainties analysis and optimization software)- I think this may have helped as well - however these options were already active with the previous version of VEDA_FE.

Best regards,
Dear all,

In my case FE 4.5.8 seems to freeze during SYNC. For the synced files it does report better times than before. @Amit, what should I do?

Best regards,

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Olex, what happens if you start the SYNC again after killing the running instance?

Is VEDA-FE working fine for TIMES_DEMO model?

And can you share the screenshot again because the status message not readable? (status written on the bottom line of VEDA-FE window)
I think the bottom-line message says "Reading Tech/Comm details..."
Try using this option.

(27-07-2018, 07:59 PM)AKanudia Wrote: Try using this option.

Selecting "By separate EXE" made it work. Thanks! :-)

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